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Liam – 6 months old – October 2013

 Liam Jamison Pursley

The happy ending we’ve been waiting for. The result from an overwhelming backing of support from our community, friends and family – without Robert William Foundation, he wouldn’t have been possible.

In this blog you will find my writing and thoughts dated back to when the unthinkable occurred -  at 26 years old, my uterus ruptured at 16 weeks 3 days pregnant and we lost the life of our first son, Robert William Pursley. Out of tragedy comes hope, or at least for us it did. I began blogging to try and inspire other infertile women to seek hope in times of despair. Robert William’s name will live on through our foundation created to help couples like my husband and I go through the grueling process of starting a family “non-traditionally” using IVF/Gestational Carriers/Surrogates/Adoption. The Robert William Foundation is working toward our 501 (c)3 status and you can help by visiting our Go Fund Me page.

Please share my blog, my story, and my message of hope with those who you may know struggling with infertility. The foundation will begin giving back and financially assisting couples as soon as we achieve non profit status – until then, there are many ways to assist those in need. I am always willing to share my story and message of hope, as well as all the details of our gestational-carrier pregnancy.  I truly hope that my first son’s name continues to live on so that infertility and non-traditional family building are recognized as more of a “need” than a “want”. Remember, don’t let anyone tell you how to start your own family!

Contact me for inspirational speaking, information on gestational carrier pregnancies, or just for a few words of encouragement.

Much love & happy reading,